Smart e-Workbook

smarte-workbook-1 Smart Education pioneers the development of Smart E-workbooks, electronic learning and teaching resources for students and teachers.

Smart E-workbooks’ characteristics:

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic marking scheme
  • Flexible & comprehensive reporting
  • Holistic & focused school-based plan that integrates with your school’s curriculum
  • Measurable learning outcomes
  • Sustainable results

Smart E-workbooks contain the following modules:

School-based curriculum e-workbook

  • Dictation
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar / Language use
  • Writing / Proofreading
  • Reading comprehension

Phonics e-workbook

    Read & Learn Phonics include :

  • Short vowels / Consonants / Long vowels / Digraphs / Blends
  • Letter and Word games
  • Listening practices
  • Pronunciation practices

Vocabulary building e-workbook

  • Learn vocabulary by thematic units
  • Examples: Dates / Appearance / Transportation / Food / Festivals / Feelings / Personalities / Landmarks / Idioms etc…
  • Read and learn vocabulary
  • Dictation/Spelling
  • Vocabulary games

We can also customize the e-workbooks based on the unique requirements of each individual school

  • Learning units closely match the school’s curriculum and can be assigned according to the school’s teaching schedule.
  • Students get ample opportunities to reinforce their understanding of the English lessons being covered during the school term.